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COPE: 86998-GO
FL Board of Optometry: 20-1116780
TX Board- Optometry: 20-1122446

10:00am - 11:50am EDT - November 30, 2023 | Room: Salons 1-3
Track: GSLS Contact Lenses
Tags: CE Session

This session will explore the different perspectives of two different health professionals on myopia and myopia management – also from an international standpoint – and will discuss ways to bridge the gap between the perspectives.

COPE: 87803-GO
FL Board Optometry: 20-1116852
TX Board- Optometry: 20-1122448

  • To understand differences in approach and perspective from around the globe
10:00am - 11:50am EDT - November 30, 2023 | Room: Grand Harbor North
Track: OM Clinical

COPE: 87982-SD
TX Board- Optometry: 20-1122452

Ocular hypertension is generally thought of a precursor to glaucoma. The understanding of various risk factors through the Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study (OHTS) is fundamental to our treatment and management of this condition. With the advent of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) we gained further insight into effective management of this ocular hypertension. The clinical paradigm has shifted over the years in what testing to perform, how frequently patients need to be seen, and when to initiate as well as escalate treatment. In this course we will review the proper definition, causes and most up-to-date treatment and management of ocular hypertension. 

01:00pm - 02:55pm EDT - November 30, 2023 | Room: Salons 1-3
Track: GSLS Contact Lenses
Tags: CE Session

COPE: 87804-CL
TX Board- Optometry: 20-1123812

Scleral lens fitting has become very popular, although differences between different parts of the world exists. This session covers the latest research from an evidence-based perspective, to see what is says about scleral lenses: its efficacy and safety (the science). It furthermore covers basic scleral lens fitting considerations.

  • To understand what the latest research says about scleral lenses: its efficacy and safety (the science)
  • To understand the basic fitting considerations for scleral lenses
  • How to apply scleral lenses in specialty contact lens practice
01:00pm - 02:55pm EDT - November 30, 2023 | Room: Grand Harbor North
Track: OM Clinical

COPE: 87962-GL
TX Board- Optometry: 20-1122454

Optometrists remain the first line of defense for the majority of glaucoma suspects and glaucoma patients that prevent for comprehensive exams. With the advent of new medications over the last five years and the number of patients with glaucoma increasing as baby boomers are getting older, it is imperative to understand the medication profiles including side effects and potential adverse effects with glaucoma medications especially given several co-morbidities that may be present in this patient population. Rather than having a one size fits all approach, it is important to decide a treatment plan on an individual basis. In this course we will review the mechanisms of actions of the medications, proper techniques in measuring intraocular pressure and both the conventional and unconventional drainage systems of aqueous humor. We will go through several clinical cases to enhance understanding using real-life examples. 

03:30pm - 04:30pm EDT - November 30, 2023 | Room: Newport Ballroom
Track: GSLS Contact Lenses
Tags: CE Session

COPE: 86996-CL
FL Board of Optometry: 20-1116800
TX Board- Optometry: 20-1123814

What do we know about the lens BACK surface design and fit of soft lenses (for standard and myopia management lenses), and about the FRONT surface design of soft lenses, specifically for myopia management?

  • Understanding soft contact lens parameters and fitting characteristics
  • Understand the differences in power profiles for myopia management soft lenses.
  • How to improve soft lens fit and selection in standard and in myopia management practice.
03:30pm - 04:30pm EDT - November 30, 2023 | Room: Grand Harbor North
Track: OM Clinical
Tags: CE Session

COPE: 84952-TD
FL Board of Optometry: 20-1116802
TX Board- Optometry: 20-1122456

This course is designed to help the practitioner recognize anterior segment cases that need referring versus those that can be treated in the office. It will include descriptions, treatment plans, and case discussions.

  • decision making skills on anterior diseases
  • reviewing common signs and symptoms of anterior segment diseases
  • treatment options for common anterior segment diseases

COPE: 88005-GO
TX Board- Optometry: 20-1123816

07:30am - 08:25am EDT - December 1, 2023
Track: EB Retail Strategies/Business Management

COPE: 87805-PM
TX Board- Optometry: 20-1123818

Participants will be exposed to practice pearls ranging from over 30 years of experience from doctors that have worked in different modalities of optometric care. Each doctor will give their perspective on topics detailing wins and mistakes in their private practice. Topics to be covered: Staff management, tracking KPI’s, Networking, Patient Scheduling, and After Hours Care.


COPE: 88005-GO
TX Board- Optometry: 20-1123816